WW1 AHT and the 3rd Battle Of Amiens

WW1 Aviation Heritage Trust congratulates John Gilbert on his first run out under the WWW1 AHT banner to support the British Army Staff Ride 2018 – part education, part commemoration.  Earlier in the year, the Trust was invited to provide a period aircraft to emphasise and provide context to the role of aeroplanes in the 3rd Battle  of Amiens.  Allied domination of the airspace was critical prior to the battle to preserve secrecy of the preparations for the offensive. Once battle was joined a three fold plan came into action – bombers attacked German airfields and allied fighters prevented German aircraft from reinfocing the battle area; then aircaft were directed to provide close air support of allied troops; once the German retreat began bombers attacked communication points like bridges to obstruct the retreat.  The main lesson learnt was that if you want redirect air power quickly to take tactical advantage they need to be under one chain of command.  Our Nieuport 17 deployed to France on Sunday 21st Oct and John made it all the way to Roupy near St Quentin in one day as the weather was good. We cannot thank the members of the Aero Club De L’Aisneenough for their hospitality and support.  On the day the weather was dodgy with low cloud and poor visibility but it cleared later and we were able to demonstrate the limitations of a 1918 aircraft to a modern audience.  The aircraft returned to UK the following day and it is now safely back at Stow Maries beating its support team back – to whom also many thanks.