The Boys are back in Town

After a long wait, the WW1 AHT’s Albatros DVa (G-WAHT) flew back to Stow from Old Warden on Tuesday 15th October in company with the Nieuport 17 that flies under the WW1 AHT banner. JeanMichael Munn flew the Albatros and John Gilbert flew his N17 – both had been delayed by bad weather which has prevailed since the last Shuttleworth Show – Race Day – on 6th October.

WW1 AHT’s current DVa arrived in 2018  and is in the livery of Otto Kissenberth, a Bavarian, who commanded the Royal Bavarian Jasta 23b and scored 20 victories.  He crashed flying a captured Sopwith Camel at the end of May 1918 and never flew again operationally.  He died in a mountaineering accident a year later perhaps searching for the edelweiss of Bavarian mythology. 

G-WAHT was constructed in 2016 by the Vintage Aviator Ltd (TVAL) of Wellington New Zealand.  The aircraft is authentic in every detail to the original design, no brakes, bungee cord suspension, a wooden fuselage and linen covered wings one with matt green wings and the other with the famous lozenge camouflage.