WAHT’s New – Paint Scheme for BE2 Coming to Stow Maries

Sultan of Johore 001

Russell Savory at Stow Maries and Gene De Marco of TVAL have been having an interesting discussion about the paint scheme for the BE2 coming to Stow Maries.  My study of the history of the resident Squadron at Stow Maries (No 37 Sqn) shows that the first 37 Sqn presentation aircraft were gifted to the RFC by the Clan Macleod and the Sultan of Johore and their logos transferred to other aircraft when they were lost. The picture above according to the Cross & Cockade Article (Vol 14 No 2 1983) is the original all white paint scheme of the first presentation aircraft.  If there any other paint schemes out there relevant to Stow Maries, do let me know. #ww1aviation