Thanks for all your tweets of encouragement.  Everyone we have talked to has reacted in the same way. This is a fantastic idea because the story is so amazing.  The next 5 years provide a unique opportunity for us to discover what our grandfathers and great grandfathers achieved in in the air in  5 short years and to ensure that this legacy is explained and kept alive for future generations. The project will entirely depend on you getting the word out for support and funding.  We need your help to do this.  Please start by joining us on the website and sending me any WW1 aviation stories about your relatives that you would like to share.  I have started the ball rolling by entering the citation for the DFC (75th) won by my grandfather on 7 July 1918.  I knew that he had won a DFC but did not realise he won it in WW1 as we have lost his first 2 log books.  (If anyone has Lt A R Churchman’s first 2 logbooks, they are the only two missing of 12 logbooks in the family.) #ww1aviation