The Fokker Dvii project was started over 10 years ago as an amateur home build. Unfortunately, the build quality was in not really sufficent for the aircraft to be awarded a Permit to Fly. Therefore about 3 years ago a company with an excellent reputation called Craftlab in Austria was mandated to rectify matters. It turned out that the entire fuselage needed to be replaced, the landing gear rebuilt, numerous brackets and fixings replaced plus additional works undertaken. All of this made good progress until we were ready for the 1st ground runs on what we assumed to be a working engine about 1 year ago.. . Now after a second ground up engine rebuild we are nearing ground running again.

In the meanwhile we would like to share some pictures of this journey. Here, in very good company, you can see the restart. The original fuselage which was pretty much ready for covering had just been stripped of turnbuckles, seat cockpit pulleys etc and this meant an effective restart.