Arguably, one of the most stylish aeroplanes of the Great War, the Albatros with its distinctive wooden monocoque fuselage looked every inch the part of a WW1 fighter. However, the early versions were plagued with structural failures and the later versions such as the WW1 Aviation Heritage Trust’s DVa turned in a very lacklustre performance belying their graceful appearance. However, with a powerful Mercedes Benz engine and two Spandau machine guns they were an effective weapons platform in hands of a skilful pilot. Find out what Jean Munn, Rob Gauld Galliers, and Stu Goldspink think as they have all flown the Albatros – Thur 29th April 8pm. This will be the third session of 12 to hosted by the WW1 AHT pilots The full programme can be found here. If you missed the first two sessions, a link to the recordings can be found in the programme.

Each chat will cost £5 per head (ex VAT) and will last approx 75 min. To book your ticket for the third session – Flying the Albatros Dva click on the link