On Thur 4th Nov at 1930 on Zoom, the WW1 AHT Pilots led by JeanMichel Munn and Stu Goldspink assisted by David Bremner will talk about the different WW1 Fighter that they have flown. This will be the first in the new programme of chat sessions that the Trust will run monthly for the winter months on the last Thursday of each month after the first one. Get the dates in your diaries. The Full programme can be found here. While the chats are fascinating in their own right, you will be contributing to the Trust’s continuing efforts to keep their WW1 aeroplanes flying.

In this session, they will discuss the Bristol Scout, DH2, Sopwith Pup, Nieuport 17, Bristol Fighter, SE5a, Sopwith Camel,  Albatros Dva, Sopwith Snipe, Nieuport 28.

If ever an aeroplane owed its place in history to the men who flew it, then that aeroplane was the Nieuport 28. Surely one of the most elegant-looking warplanes of the war, the Nieuport 28 was enjoyable to fly but was far from outstanding in the performance stakes and plagued by serious design problems. Passed over by the French, it became the first operational fighter to equip the American Expeditionary Force in 1918 mainly because there was a shortage of SPAD XIII fighters at the time. Its wing fabric-shredding tendencies and volatile Gnome-Monosoupape engine notwithstanding, the Type 28 was generally well-liked by its American pilots; several of them, such as Eddie Rickenbacker and Douglas Campbell, scored a number of victories flying these aeroplanes.

Each Chat will cost £5 per head (ex VAT) and last approximately 1 hr 15 mins. If you would like to book a ticket, pse click on the link.

Nieuport 28C.1