Look What is Coming! Join WW1 Aviation Heritage Trust

The Trust is most excited about the Fokker DVII (OAW) being built in Austria by Craftlab and which is expected in England by mid 2018 to join our BE2.  Their Production Manager Koloman  Mayerhofer is delighted that TVAL has been able to locate some missing bearings for its original Daimler Diiia engine and so completion is one step nearer.  The Fokker DVII was the German fighter of 1918 and provided the Germans with an answer to the SE5a and the Camel.  The choice of colours is still not decided but 3 pilots are in the frame Paul Ernst Straehle (light blue/red), the original post war owner of the engine, Josef May (black and white stripes) or Franz Buechner (light blue green with a lioness werewolf and green chequers).  We are also delighted that  John Gilbert is to join us with his Nieuport 17

The programme for next year is building inexorably given that it is the last year of the Centenary of the Great War with a provisional plan involving Stow Maries, Shuttleworth, Duxford, Heveningham Hall, Henley Regatta, Chalke Valley History Festival, the Rocking Nacelle on Horse Guards at RAF100, and RIAT.  We need your help.  Become a Patron of Ww1 AHT to help us keep these aeroplanes flying and meet our remit as a Charity to advance education into the evolution of military aviation in the Great War