Oswald Boelcke

Under Boelcke’s expert tutelage, his Jasta 2 became one of Germany’s most successful air units. On one occasion Boelcke and five of his companions brought down six RFC machines without loss and such successful encounters became commonplace with increasing numbers of Albatros-equipped squadrons making their presence felt. British air casualties began to rise in September and October 1916 as a fully reorganised and rejuvenated German air service held sway.  By October, Boelcke had 40 confirmed victories under his belt but an illustrious career was cut short following a mid-air collision with one of his wingmen during an air fight. The loss of this experienced air ace, a true mentor to many of his subordinates, was keenly felt and Jasta 2 was renamed Jasta Boelcke in his honour.