The WW1 AHT pilots and friends invite you to join a chat session on rotary engines as they developed in WW1. JeanMichel Munn will be leading the chat having been the Trust’s pilot flying the Sopwith Snipe when it was in the UK 2015 – 2017.  The Snipe is powered by the Bentley BR2a – W O Bentley’s finest design. With the cylinders rotating a round a fixed crankshaft, the gyroscopic effect requires some unexpected  control inputs to maintain the chosen flightpath.  It has no throttle and could be a challenge to slow down for landing or catch up in a formation for the newly arrived pilot.  The power weight ratio was much improved over the inline engines of the time even if it did consume massive amounts of Castrol R when running – leaving most of the oil on the fuselage.

Join the WW1 AHT pilots and friends for a chat session on Thur 3rd Mar 22 at 1930 to find out more