Poems, Planes & Flowers – Landing Page

On this page, you can get the link for the WW1 Poem-Writing Lesson Video by Simon Mole on YouTube, the WW1 slideshow (7 mins), and purchase the biodegradable paper seeded with Poppies, Cornflowers, and Forget-Me-Nots in the colours of each memorial flower. This will enable those watching the poems as they are dropped to immediately identify them by country of origin.

We offer three different colours of paper seeded with Poppy, Cornflower and Forget-Me-Not to represent the colours of the memorial flowers of England, France and Germany.

Please follow the link below to buy packs of 10 A4 sheets in the country/colour of your choice:

Memorial Flowers Seeded Papers

If you live in Cornwall, Sally Crabtree  (aka The Poetry Postie) can come to your school and run a poetry writing session personalised to your pupils. If you would like to contact Sally, pse follow the link: