In this Chat Session on Thur 6th Jan 22 at 1930 (UK), the WW1 AHT pilots will be joined by experts on the BE2, Paul Hare and Andrew Willox, to discuss the evolution of the very early flying machines into the BE2. It was first aircraft to be designed with production and assembly in mind. Although we perhaps diminish its stately level flight speed of 55 mph and its reliance on many bracing wires for rigidity, it was way ahead of its time and more than half of the fledgling RFC element of the BEF that deployed to France on 13th August 1914 were BE2s. As well as the early history, the pilots will dissect the aeroplanes technical and operational performance.

These Chats help the Trust to keep our BE2 flying so if you would like to join us in the New Year, please click on this link.