Chats Programme 2021

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JM – JeanMichel Munn, SG – Stu Goldspink, JMH – Jonathan Marten-Hale, RGG – Rob Gauld Galliers, JG – John Gilbert

Thur 25 Feb 21Flying the BE2 JM/JMH/SG
Thur 25 Mar 21Flying the Snipe vs the CamelJM,SG
Thur 29 Apr 21Flying the AlbatrosJM/RGG
Thur 27 May 21Flying the Nieuport 17JM/ JG/RGG
Thur 24 Jun 21BE2, DVa, & Bristol Scout to the SommeJM/RGG/DF
Thur 30 Sep 21*WW1 Fighters ComparedJM/SG
Thur 28 Oct 21*Operating 100 year old aircraft todayJM/SG
Thur 25 Nov 21*Under the Skin – BE2JM
Thur 6 Jan 22*Under the Skin – Albatros DvaJM
Thur 27 Jan 22*Rotary engines – Ops and TechJM/SG
Thur 24 Feb 22*Flying WW1 Aircraft JM/SG
Thur 31 Mar 22*Q&A with WW1AHT Panel All
* Delayed by 3 months at the end of June 21 so that we can all enjoy the easing of lockdown restrictions