WAHT’s – Way Ahead for 2015


The WW1 Aviation Heritage Trust (WAHT) are delighted to announce that over the winter they have worked diligently to develop an exciting programme of events for 2015 which will encompass the use of their current aircraft and the introduction of some new aeroplanes.

DVA Flower 1 small

Darren_Harbar_BE2_2014_003 smallThe two BE2s are to remain in England where they have been based at Bicester Heritage, at WAHT’s Oxfordshire base, with their office in the former-RAF Bicester 1926 Fire Party Hut. In late spring an Albatros DVa, from Oliver Wulff’s collection, fresh from build in TVAL and display at Omaka will join the 37 Squadron BE2e (A2767) at Stow Maries where both will operate at the fly-ins and the Armed Forces Day amongst other events through the summer. The other BE2e (7 Squadron A2493) at Bicester Heritage will not be left alone for long, as WAHT have planned for a Sopwith Snipe to come over from NZ with the Albatros.  The collection will be joined later in the year by a SE5a (once added to the UK Register).

With such a fantastic collection of aircraft, the provisional programme includes appearances at 8 Squadron’s Centenary at Waddington, Abingdon, Bicester Heritage (for several events), Chalke Valley, Old Warden, RIAT and The Goodwood Revival at the end of the event season.

Whilst retaining their base at Bicester Heritage, WAHT will work closely with the Trustees of Stow Maries with the intention of creating an enduring Royal Flying Corps aerodrome with its own operating squadron. The aim is to provide a dynamic anchor for WAHT and Stow’s collective engineering and educational aspirations and we are pleased to reveal that we have initiated discussions with the RAF Museum to support this work.

This Blog is posted to trail our Kickstarter campaign to start in mid Feb to raise £11,200 for reassembly of the new aircraft, servicing of the two BE2s, CAA licensing and transit fuel and oil costs. 

WAHT plans on offering the following rewards in return for donations to their cause:

  • Have a photo taken dressed in RFC flying kit at an aircraft  at any of the events £15.
  • Become a Friend of WAHT with access to insider privileges £30.
  • Get a WW1 Aviator’s silk scarf (limited edition) with the WW1 Aviation Heritage Trust and the Vintage Aviator’s logo on either end.
  • A tour of Bicester Heritage (its vintage cars and aeroplanes) and a presentation on WAHT’s 1914/15 theme – Replacing the Horse £75.
  • Join WAHT for a visit and lunch at Stow Maries and meet a BE2 pilot £100.
  • VIPs will be able partake in a formation flight with a BE2, receive a video of the experience, and enjoy all the other rewards £750.

In order to achieve our plans and to bring World War One aircraft back to the skies, we will need your help. All donations are greatly appreciated.

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for further updates and information, we look forward to hearing from you.