What’s new for WW1 AHT in 2019

Image by Free Images

It may have appeared that WW1 AHT has been sleeping over the winter but my analogy would be more like the swan above – calm on the surface but little legs paddling like fury. We have been getting the modifications in place to get the Permit to Test for the Albatros and expect the test flying to occur during April. It will then move to Stow Maries. For PoWs, I propose to use the photo of the Albatros for the next Patron’s card so I will wait until it has flown before releasing the cards. Thank you to all who have renewed thus far. We have published our provisional flying programme for 2019 which will include both shows at Stow, Old Warden, Cosford and the Revival. Finally, we have completed a review of all our policies to ensure that we are compliant with all the relevant legislation. DF

Image: Darren Harbar