Bring back the Edelweiss to UK – See Lt Baeumer back in the Air

Leutnant Baeumer
Albatros DVa

This Edelweiss signifies love and devotion. Men harvest the flower on daring steeps and fatal climbs to prove love and to show devotion. It’s synonymous with the alpine terrain, and those who live in the Alps find it a flower of purity that instills a deep sense of patriotism and allegiance. Regions of Austria, Germany and Switzerland are forever associated with this flower’s symbol. The Edelweiss’s short life span and remote habitation have inspired the folklore of Alps dwellers identifying the flower with national prestige. It signifies true love and devotion as men pick the flower from daring steep cliff faces with frequently fatal climbs to prove love and devotion.   It is easy to see why Paul Baeumer – a pilot who rose to be the 9th highest German ace by the end of World War 1 – chose the Edelweiss as the emblem for his aeroplane,  his Albatros DVa.  It is currently being readied for repair in Wellington NZ at the Vintage Aviator Ltd.  If you would like to see it back in the skies over UK this year