Hermann’s Show and Tell 2-2

Aviation Instruments

At first the Germans did not feel there was any need for crowding a cockpit with unnecessary things such as instruments. A compass, fuel and RPM gauges and the odd pressure measuring devices were deemed to suffice. Upon capturing some well-equipped allied aircraft envy seemed to have kicked in and perhaps the loss of the odd pilot contributed as well.

ASI mounted on outer strut of Albatros DVa – G-WAHT

The Airspeed Indicator

Whereas the British and the French decided to use pitot tubes and air pressure measuring devices with good aerodynamic properties…. . The Germans decided to start to put their engineering prowess to work and came up with the Anemometer, a rather bulky and fragile device with the aerodynamic properties of a brick. Unfortunately, it turned out that mounting this lump anywhere near the cockpit resulted in interesting readings to which such nuisances as the propeller somewhat contributed. After some test runs minus a propeller and the associated engine blow ups it became clear that a mount far away ie on the outer strut might be feasible, but the pilot needed a rather keen eyesight. Needless to say, after 3 years of stubborn insistence the Germans grudgingly copied a system that is still in use.