Hermann’s Show and Tell 5

The Victory Goblet

German awards came in quite a variety of forms. Your 1st confirmed aerial victory resulted in the award of a certificate and a sum of money enabling the recipient to show entitlement at a local jeweller and allowing him to commission/order the cup and pay for it. The advantage over a simple medal was obviously the ability to toast and consume significant amounts of alcohol with it. In this context there is a wonderful story I have been told by my mentor, the late Alex Imrie. He befriended a German ace with the name of Willi Gabriel back in the days. Willi was somewhat unorthodox in his approach to life and military order, which caused a couple of interesting collisions with higher authorities and led to a posting as a flight instructor after an illegal 4 victory day, but that is another story.

After Willi received his certificate and the necessary amount of money to acquire one of these desirable objects he set out to make the acquisition, but, as fate would have it, there was a very inviting bar on his path and, after probably considerable pondering, he decided that drinking from a glass would yield the same results and the monies provided could therefore be put to a better use there and then. He was lucky though that he received his award early enough as the late war versions were made from iron which would have only helped on the subsequent hangover side.