Chats programme 2023

Join the Trust for their 2nd winter chat programme to discuss the evolution of the fighter aircraft known as Scouts during the Great War.  The same Panel as last year have agreed to join in – John Lanham (TVAL), Andrew Carter (TAVAS), Dodge Bailey, JeanMichel Munn, David Bremner, Jonathan Marten-Hale, and John Gilbert – all pilots with extensive experience of flying WW1 aeroplanes (not all the earliest ones listed below). The aim is to view the aircraft development through the lens of those who fly them today. It will provide an archive for future generations of these aircraft and how they compared against each other one hundred plus years later. There will be 5 sessions and we will take advantage of all the wonderful WW1 reproduction aircraft flying in NZ complete with video and photos courtesy of NZ’s Historic Aircraft Film Unit (HAFU). They will be held on Zoom @£5 per ticket.  All funds raised will help the Trust aircraft flying. After the date of the Session has passed, the Session will be available PayPerView.

Thur 13th Oct  – 1914-1915 (BE2, MF11, Albatros BII, GO C1, Taupe, Bristol Scout, FE2b, Eindecker).

Thur 17th Nov – 1916 (Nieuport 11 Baby, DH2, Albatros DII, BE2e [Night Fighter], Sopwith Pup).

Tue 20th Dec – 1917 (DH5, SE5a, Albatros Dva, Hanriot D1, Sopwith Camel, Bristol Fighter.

Tue 24th Jan – 1918 (Nieuport28, Fokker DR1, Fokker DVII, Sopwith Snipe, Fokker DVIII.

Tue 28th Feb – The Best Fighters and What had the Pilots of WW1 learnt by 1918.