Bring Back The Albatros and Se5a to England for 2018

This fund-raising campaign will feature a series of posts that will update you on progress with the repairs taking place in NZ of both the Albatros and an SE5a promised to WW1 AHT for next year and relate some amazing tales about the aircraft and the pilots that flew them. We will invite a discussion about who was the best SE5a pilot and the SE5a will be painted in the Winner’s livery but we need you help to achieve this. Read More about “Bring Back The Albatros and Se5a to England for 2018”

Become a Patron of WW1 Aviation Heritage Trust

We have over 3000 followers on Facebook which is growing daily and is a fantastic achievement! With our fleet returning to 4 aeroplanes this year, we need to increase the number of Patrons supporting our important Task of advancing education of the (r)evolution of aviation during the Great War and the amazing fortitude of air and ground crews alike. If you would like to see the WW1 AHT become an enduring symbol of the sacrifice and bravery of the early aircrews, join now as a PoW where the benefits for you are listed. Read More about “Become a Patron of WW1 Aviation Heritage Trust”

Our Vision

The WW1 Aviation Heritage Trust  is a registered Charity (1156699) set up to provide an enduring flying collection of World War I Allied and German aeroplanes. Our goal is the education of current and future generations as testimony to the aircrews of the Great War, their planes, and their sacrifice.

Keeping the Aviation Legacy of World War One Alive!

The WW1 AHT Collection will:

Advance your understanding of the history of the evolution of military aviation during the Great War by flying displays, dioramas and educational courses.
Demonstrate at air shows in the UK how the aircrews, technology and tactics evolved during WW1.
Support flypasts and static displays at commemorative events.
Offer apprenticeships in vintage aeroplane preservation, restoration and reproduction.

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