WAHT and Breitling – A Fabulous Offer

Breitling ‘s association with aviation began in and around World War 1.  To  commemorate this century of  support to aviation, WAHT have installed a Breitling clock from the period in their BE2e (top left in the cockpit) currently at Shuttleworth but on its way to Stow Maries shortly.  Breitling in return  have very generously offered two Breitling Chronomats (£7000 RRP).The watches have been engraved with the logo 1 (2) of 2 WAHT 1914-2014.

Breitling have also offered WAHT 2  flying jackets  as sponsorship for WAHT to to support  our flying programme this year. They are not retailed and so are collector’s items.

We intend to package each watch and jacket with a visit to Stow Maries and a flight in a BE2e if  insurance can be arranged.  The starting price for each package is £10000. With the money raised we will be able to secure a visit to UK for the summer by a Sopwith Tabloid in which the RNAS conducted the first strategic bombing raid against Zeppelin sheds in Dusseldorf in Nov 1914 and a Nieuport Bebe which was very popular with the RNAS pilots early in the War.  It will also help us to complete the rest of this year’s flying programme.  You will be able to see them at Stow Maries in ealry September.  If you are interested in bidding for this wonderful opportunity to experience WW1 aviation at first hand with a watch and jacket to commemorate the occasion, please contact our Chief Trustee dick.forsythe@ww1aviatioheritagetrust.co.uk .

WAHT needs you to get this offer to all your friends with deep pockets please retweet and share it on Facebook to the widest possible audience.  We would like your ideas on how to maximise this opportunity so why not give us some feedback